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Ghana Schools Projects

trainingWelcome to Ghana Schools Facility, an educational think-tank focused on addressing the concerns in education through advocacy and providing the essential needs of schools with comprehensive array of programs to advance quality education in Ghana. The activities range from provision of material resources, services and training.

Ghana Schools Facility is implementing an online portal; The E-Schools Project; placing all Ghana schools online and connecting them with counterparts in the global community. The platform also comes with a knowledge bank, a repository of diverse knowledge resources for both academic and research work.

This online portal is basically a database of schools and educational facilities in Ghana in particular and educational resources in general; a preferred reference point on education and career development in Ghana and offer a unique opportunity for educational organizations to showcase or advertise their programs, products and services with web-links.

The Schools Facility is promoting campaigns such as Education for All, HIV/AIDS Education, Reproductive Health Knowledge, Domestic Tourism enhancement etc.

More central and critical area of activity of the Schools Facility is the provision New Media (Social Media) Training to the teaming youth through online tutorials and direct contact with schools.

Very passionate to the heart of the project is teaching volunteering which we co-ordinate to support most underprivileged schools especially in the rural communities.

We organize specialized tours to very unique attractions around the globe to create wider exposure to schools and to mind blowing destinations in Ghana to promote Domestic Tourism among the youth.

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