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UN Tourism Ambassador

The United Nations World Trade Organization UNWTO has appointed Hello Kitty, a fictional character of Japanese creation as a special ambassador of the International Year of Sustainable Tourism Development 2017. This was arranged by the Secretary General of the UNWTO Dr. Taleb Rafai with Sanrio of Japan at the UNWTO Headquarters in Madrid on December […]

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About Ghana

GEOGRAPHY : Ghana, in West Africa is located on the Prime Meridian also known as the Greenwich Meridian or longitude 0 degree is neigboured to the east by Togo, north by Burkina Fafo and West by Cote d’ Ivoire . Towards the south is the Atlantic Ocean in the area of the Gulf of Guinea […]

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World Heritage Monuments

The UNESCO World Heritage Monuments are managed by the Global Heritage Fund which implements a program that works to empower communities through heritage preservation. It partners with local people, communities, organizations, and governments to both preserve the timeless heritage of the past, beyond just physical monuments and to also ensure that it is a vibrant […]

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Ecotourism in Ghana

Ecotourism in Ghana is a conservation project implemented by the Ghana Tourism Authority with support from the Nature Conservation Research Centre, Peace Corps, the USAID and other donors with the purpose of upgrading tourism facilities in the various communities and to promote tourism in the country in a more responsible manner. Its concern is to […]

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Africans in Diaspora

Ghana being the first sub-Saharan African country to have gained independence has been the centre of attraction from many liberation fighters across the world most especially from the Africans in diaspora. Incidentally the founder of the nation and the first president of the Republic of Ghana had been in league with many Pan Africanist movements […]

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Festivals in Ghana are predominantly traditional cultural ceremonies celebrated by communities mainly towns and villages. However some of the traditional festivals are associated whole ethnic groups. Historical Background: These festivals are usually celebrated to commemorate important landmarks in the history of the people as thanks-giving or to seek divine protection and favor or to observe […]

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