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Volunteering in Ghana can be such an exciting experience and heart warming seeing yourself making an impact on society while you have fun discovering nature, geography and cultures around you. Our volunteer programs take you into the teaching field but we also coordinate for other sectors such as health, media, social welfare and women& children affairs.
The programs are open to both foreign and local personnel who are not in regular or permanent employment and wish to contribute to societal development.
This provides an opportunity for volunteers seeking to do volunteer work , more especially in Ghana live side-by-side with local people and experience another culture like never before; an experience of a lifetime.

We operate variety of environments; from bustling cities to rural communities where you can also have the feel of Ghana's most picturesque, with a beautiful landscape; plains and rolling mountains, where people reside in mud or cement houses and get their water from wells or nearby stream.
In your free time you will learn firsthand about your local community's elaborate festivals, crafts, contemporary arts, music and dances, unique architectural styles.
Ghanaians just may be the happiest people on earth and are very hospitable and friendly to foreigners and will make your stay a happy and memorable one.

Here is a testimony from a foreign volunteer, Dominic Durose from book Ghana-The Bradt Travel Guide
Volunteering in Ghana was a fantastic experience, one that I will cherish for the rest of life. For me it was the little things that mattered most; the greetings from the bread-seller as I walked to work and the friendly shouts of the local schoolchildren as I joined in their game of football. Becoming part of my community though was not easy, brought me the most enormous amount of satisfaction during my stay.

To participate in our volunteer program send email to volunteer@ghanaschools.org

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