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Ghana Tourism

Ghana is located right on the middle of the earth, the Greenwich meridian and bordered on the north by Burkina Faso, on the east by Togo, west by Coted’Ivoire and on the south by Atlantic Ocean with tropical forest, savanna and plains. 

Ghana stands out as a preferred tourist destination in West Africa with natural scenic beauty, rich and glorious history and culture, diverse wildlife and in all the hospitality of the people.Attractions include colorful festivals, long stretch sandy beach, lakes and rolling mountains, serene national parks and its captivating waterfalls, world-class hotels and resorts, safe and lovely night-life.


The shores of Ghana today have become UN world heritage sites as they hold over 40 forts and castles that attest to early trading links with Africa and later transformed into slave-forts of the infamous slave trade, a chilling history which saw the exodus of African into diaspora; the plantations in the Americas and Europe.The first European Edifice found on the coast of West Africa St. George castle is found at Elmina in Ghana then known as Gold-Coast because of its richness in gold and other minerals, built by the Portuguese in 1515 after they first arrived in 1471. The British arrived in 1530, the French 1542 landed at Dixcove and the Dutch in 1593 and that signaled the beginning of rivalry for dominance between the European powers.  Other players were the Swedes and the Danes.  

Ghana is noted as the home of Pan-Africanism with its founders such Du Bois and Kwami Nkrumah, functioned from here. Nkrumah later led the country to independence and became the country’ first president.

Ghana attained independence from the British rule in 1957 to become the first Black African country south of Sahara to break away from the shackles of colonialism. Since independence the country had shuttled from democracy to military rule until the forth republic was established in 1992 and has been a democracy till date.  

The country has often been described as eco-tourism haven, a cultural delight, a heritage lover’s passion and an adventurer’s dream.

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