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Sister Schools Program

It is an international education exchange program dedicated to the promotion of academic and youth leadership development, cultural understanding, environmental consciousness, and world peace, linking member schools in Ghana with their counterparts around the world.

 The program is designed to allow for exposure to the global environment and enhance open minded approach to issues and learning. 

It also links classrooms, schools, and even entire communities with their twin partners and counterparts across the world through our online platform using email video or webcast exchange in collaborative projects. 

Mission and Goals
The Sister Schools mission is to promote cross cultural understanding and learning through mutual respect, cooperation, and sharing by connecting schools around the globe for international awareness and peace.    
Our Goals:

- Create international exposure and open minded approach to learning among
* To strengthen cooperation among local schools in Ghana
* Build leadership capacity in the youth
* Promote the latest communication technologies into teaching and learning.
* Improve globalization through collaborative projects.
* Promoting international peace through cross cultural understanding
* Enhancing multicultural awareness and promoting international understanding.


Sister School Program provides members with the support on how to start and maintain a Sister Schools program in respective schools in Ghana. 

The program facilitates the pairing of schools in the communities with their international counterparts in sister city partnerships.  Sister Schools interact by doing collaborative projects together; ranging from sharing of information and knowledge and involved in humanitarian projects between Sister Schools through exchange visits.

We also organize in-country educational tours for member schools to enable them in-depth knowledge and understanding about their local environment and rich natural and cultural heritage that abound in Ghana. 

Sister- Schools Ghana helps teachers get started by providing them with Project Ideas but are also encouraged to design their own project and curriculum for their schools and linking Ghana schools with schools worldwide.

Sister Schools enables students gain international awareness by learning from their international peers, and view the world from a new perspective.

Students learn how to plan, conduct, and complete a project; all while creating bonds that surpass boundaries with their Sister School peers.  In this age of globalization and technology, nations are becoming more connected and interdependent everyday. International studies are an imperative focus for today's youth and their future success.

Classrooms separated by border, culture, and geography are united through similar interests and common principles as students participate in common projects ranging from literature and social development to science and technology.

By connecting classrooms worldwide, we use the academic setting to conquer ignorance, bridge cultural gaps, and create international friendships.

Participating teachers and students can benefit greatly from worldwide connections and for the impact these connections can make in broadening their educational experience and understanding of different cultures.

This first of all enables Ghana schools learn more about their own environment through our activities which include local educational tours to enable them share useful information resources with the international community.   

Register your school for this program by sending email to sisterschools@ghanaschools.org or fill the form below and submit.  Exciting moments await you
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