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The New Media

The New Media enables all citizens to express and share their opinions and stories on subjects of their choice. Anybody with Internet connection can participate in this global conversation.
This is a New Media outreach initiative by the Ghana Schools Project to teach and encourage blogging, podcasting and video-making among the students, journalists and other Internet users in Ghana to participate in the online conservation spreading across the globe. 
Clearly the Internet is having profound effect on the media and how we communicate today.

Tools:- Weblogs, Podcasting, Internet TV, and Video-blogging
Blog is a short form of weblog which is simply publishing a note on the website chronologically where in most cases people can add their comments. Blogging is as easy as writing an email and you may start from the most popular free sites such as wordpress.com or blogger.com. Find out also about  ghanaschools.org/blogs. Unlike paper journals and photographs what is published online can stay forever.  Many have developed important contacts for just blogging because their publications have attracted interest.

( http://tecnorati.com is a valuable resource that help find blogs of your interest.) Reading  from different weblogs can be a daunting task but RSS feeds makes it easy by reading all latest post form varied site on one single webpage.; the feed aggregator

Photo blogging: As the saying goes a picture is worth 1000 words, photo blogs are being used to tell stories from all around the globe and so are videos. Popular photo blogs are flickr.com and picasa.com but there are several others. You can add geographic information to your photos and see others posting photos around your community or afar.  Now with a video camera, a computer and Internet connection any one can make a television production and distribute online. We provide simple guide on how you can start your own Internet TV show or using mobile phones to capture scenes and publish online.

Podcasting- An Internet radio program
What you need: Microphone;

  • A simple headset meant for Skype or Yahoo Internet calls
  • A computer located in a quite place to avoid background noise
  • Editing software; Available are user friendly free software program Audacity to produce a professional sounding podcast
  • An Internet connection: A relatively fast connection can enhance upload.

Areas of study:

  • Introduction to Citizen Media
  • Introduction to RSS
  • How to use Wordpress and Blogger
  • Introduction to Online Photography
  • Introduction to Podcasting
  • How to use Audacity
  • Introduction to Online Video
  • How to use Movie Maker 

For information on our New Media Programs send email to info@thecitizenmedia.com

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