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Our Internship program enables students at the tertiary levels gain attachment to our partner organizations for practical experience in the industry as a preparation towards to job market. This enhances their career development prospects to access high paid jobs with the prospect of interns' returning to the company after completing their education well equipped.

Interns are usually university students, but they can also be high school students or post graduate adults seeking skills for a new career.

We offer challenging opportunities for interns in the Oil and Gas industry, Banking, Think Tanks, Civil Society Organizations, Government departments and businesses in general. Our Interns are well groomed during the selection process to match the needs and expectations of our partner organizations.  

Some organizations pay interns while others do not but programs at the end are very rewarding as the intern get to work with reputable companies, gained mentorship and support, networking and useful experience.

Organizations are also invited to join our program and benefit from our pool of young, intelligent and aggressive youth at a minimal cost.
For more information regarding our internship program send email to internship@ghanaschools.org 

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