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About Us

Ghana Schools Facility is a private and not-for-profit education think-tank with initiative to support schools and educational development in Ghana using online resources and direct contact with schools. It comes with an array of programs and activities that foster advancement of quality education in Ghana.

The Facility’s online platform is managed by Media Systems & Technology (MST) a world-class Internet solutions provider in Ghana whose core services include but not limited to website-design and hosting, corporate email, domain name registration, online advertising, web-promotion and multimedia. Find more about Media Systems & Technology’s services.

Founded in 2008, Ghana Schools Facilities implemented a number of projects, programs and activities and still developing new ones.

Vision: Our vision is to set-up an all-in-one- solution facility to address the needs in the educational field in Ghana and become the number one reference point on issues regarding education in Ghana.

Mission: Our mission is to offer the desired support to schools, provide world-class services and advocacy on education in diverse ways to advance quality education in Ghana.

E- Schools projects:

- Sister-Schools program
- Computer 4 Schools program
- HIV/AIDS Education campaign
- New Media (Social Media) training
- Academic Verification services
- Domestic Tourism promotion
- Education 4 All campaign
- Shelter 4 Schools project
- Teaching Volunteering
- Career Counseling
- Internship


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